Brother, sister meet for first time during Thanksgiving holiday

Clarissa Martin is from Toronto, Canada and knew she had a brother from Harrisburg.

Her father, Fleming Douglas Hoyle, passed away in March after a long fight with cancer. Clarissa never met her dad. Her mother died last December, and she made it her goal to find more information about her father.

Doug Hoyle posted the passing of his father on Facebook in early April. He says his father told him back in 2001 that he had a sister living in Toronto.

Doug posted some of his father’s music that caught Clarissa’s attention.

“I only new my father’s name and the name of the band he played in,” Martin said.

Clarissa sent Doug a message that she was his sister.

“I was at work when I read it,” Hoyle said. “My co-workers were asking me if I was OK, and I told them I just found out that I had a sister.”

Doug says his first conversation with Clarissa lasted more than five hours. They met for the fist time last week in Philadelphia and spent several days together at his Lower Paxton Township home.

Clarissa is going back to Toronto on Sunday and she plans on visiting her new Pennsylvania family often.

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