Pride of Susquehanna removed from river

The Pride of the Susquehanna is back on dry land. The riverboat made her final voyage of 2014 early Wednesday morning.

The Pennsylvania National Guard helped pull the 100-ton vessel out of the river.

“They use this as a training exercise. They bring in their Army tank retrieval vehicles,” said Thomas Farr, board chairman of the Harrisburg Riverboat Society.

Ice and low water levels made getting the 68-foot long paddle boat out of the river a little more challenging. The boat hit the bottom of the river, causing it to get stuck and damaging one of the buckets on the paddle wheel.

“The damage will probably only cost us forty dollars. We will have a crew of five working on the boat all winter. We will actually sand down the hauls and repaint those hauls and also all the decking on the first deck and the second deck,” said Farr.

The Pride had a successful 2014 season, attracting 30,000 passengers. Many of them were from Maryland and New Jersey.

The Pride is one of the few remaining paddle boats east of the Mississippi.

They hope to launch the boat in April 2015 and are hoping to have 40,000 passengers next year.

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