Thrown pumpkin smashes windshield, injures driver

A driver was injured when a pumpkin thrown from a pickup truck smashed through the windshield of a moving SUV, according to police in York County.

The Jeep driver suffered minor cuts to his face when the pumpkin crashed through the glass, traveled through the Jeep Liberty, then went through the back window.

Northern York County Regional police said they’re investigating two other incidents where pumpkins were thrown at moving cars Wednesday night on Route 116 in Jackson Township.

In the incidents that followed, a pumpkin hit the headlight of a Ford F-150 pickup truck near Cedarlyn Drive, and another thrown pumpkin hit the windshield of a Jeep Cherokee near Kevin Drive but did not break the glass.

Both drivers and their passengers were not injured.

All three vehicles were hit by pumpkins within eight minutes, between 7:45 and 7:53 p.m., while traveling westbound on Route 116.

The victims told officers they saw someone toss the pumpkins from the bed of a dark colored compact pickup truck that was headed east.

Anyone with information is asked to call Northern York County Regional police at 717-292-3647.

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