Finding Her Strength

Like most parents, Jenna Snyder wants to be her best because of her children and for her, that meant leading a healthier lifestyle.

For most of her life Jenna has struggled with weight issues. After having her first child, Destiny, Jenna decided to take control of her health.

She started with cardio routines and at-home workouts but eventually, Jenna wanted a challenge. She recalls, “every now and then my husband and I would joke around like, ‘Oh I feel really awesome and strong today! I had a really good workout! You know those people that do these workouts and can move cars? I wonder if I can do that?'”

But what started as a joke, quickly became reality.

One day Jenna texted her husband saying, “I want to move a vehicle.” His response? “When?” She replied, “tonight” and within the hour they met at their house.

Jenna used tow straps to attach herself to her nearly 5,000 pound SUV. Pretty soon, she was pulling the vehicle.

Some of her family members were shocked. Others, like her daughter, were impressed.

But overall, Jenna says she doesn’t care what others think.

She says her workouts have brought her family together. “It’s stressful as a parent in general. But this is really… You have to have a little bit of time for you. If you have that time.. It makes you a better person to help your family.”

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