Susquehanna board appeals order to reinstate superintendent

The Susquehanna Township School Board of Directors will appeal a judge’s order to reinstate Dr. Susan Kegerise as superintendent.

Board president John Dietrich released a statement Friday that said the board authorized its counsel to file the appeal because it believes the matter deserves further judicial review.

Dietrich said the appeal stays the order of Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas Judge William Tully while the matter is decided in Commonwealth Court.

Kegerise returned to the district in the morning and worked alongside acting superintendent Jeffrey Miller.

“I had the opportunity to sit in and there was a great working relationship between the two of them,” Kegerise’s attorney, Jason Kutulakis, said. “I give Dr. Miller a lot of credit. He’s extremely professional and seems extremely organized, so I think the district’s in good hands.”

Tully’s wrote in his opinion that the board’s vote to remove Kegerise nearly seven months ago was improper and illegal.

He further ordered the board to restore all back pay and benefits.

Kegerise had filed a federal lawsuit in April that claimed she had been subjected to physical intimidation and verbal abuse by members of the board.

Four days later, the board interpreted her lawsuit as a resignation and voted to accept it.

Tully wrote that the vote went against the Pennsylvania School Code and Kegerise’s contract, which required the board give her adequate notice, a hearing and a two-thirds vote to remove her.

He said if the board has a basis to terminate Kegerise, it should proceed under the school code and not a “clever legal maneuver designed to bypass the clear requirements of law.”

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