Make The Most of Your Open House

In any market, one of the most effective ways to attract buyers is through an open house. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the open house experience.

Invite the neighbors.  Neighbors are a great way to help deliver open house attendees. They serve as champions for the neighborhood and can spread the word that your home is available.

Use signs to attract buyers. Signs are a sure way to lure prospective buyers to your home. Real estate agents often place open house signs at nearby, well-traveled intersections with directions to the home. The agent should know local ordinances about when and how long signs can be posted. 

Offer fact sheets/brochures. A real estate agent will provide prospective home buyers with information about the property and price. Effective take-aways include details about the property’s features, the neighborhood, proximity to shopping, main highways, schools and recreational facilities.  Photographs help buyers remember the house. Previous inspection reports and a list of home improvements, new appliances and/or fixtures are also helpful. 

Maximize curb appeal. Ensure the outside of the home is as appealing as possible. Water and mow the lawn, trim the trees, cut back overgrowth and plant colorful flowers. Also, be sure to store bicycles, gardening equipment, children’s and pet toys, and remove the car from the driveway to provide parking. The front door should have a welcome feeling; a fresh coat of paint works wonders.

Neat and tidy sells. Potential buyers want to evaluate every room in the house, so you must create a positive experience for the potential buyer. Remove all clutter and make sure lights are working throughout the house. You may even consider baking cookies or burning candles to make the home smell pleasant – just don’t over-do a particular scent!

Let the sun shine in! Nothing improves atmosphere like a room filled with natural light.  Raise the blinds, open the curtains and wash the windows so the natural light can shine through. 

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