AG warns seniors of scams

The Attorney General’s Office is encouraging everyone to help protect senior citizens from becoming victims of scams.

Pennsylvania has the third highest percentage of elderly citizens in the nation.

Jerry Mitchell is an outreach specialist with Kathleen Kane’s office. He spoke with seniors on Wednesday at the Spooky Nook sports complex in Lancaster County.

Mitchell says scammers are one step ahead, but it’s important that people take precautions, to avoid becoming a victim. “I spoke with one woman who thought she was wiring money to her grandson,” said Mitchell, “It was not her grandson, and she lost $7,000, it was heartbreaking.”

Mitchell says seniors are targets of charitable and sweepstake scams, and its not uncommon for them to get calls or emails from people asking them to verify their banking information.

Mitchell reminded seniors that banks have your information and don’t need verification.

People who suspect they may have been contacted, or are a victim of a scam, can call the Attorney General’s Elder Abuse Hotline at 866-623-2137.

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