Police: ‘Worst-case scenario? Someone could get killed’

How would you like to be hit in the face with a baseball bat? If your answer is “not very much,” then emergency responders say you shouldn’t be throwing rocks at cars.

State police are looking for the person responsible for throwing a rock off the Wertzville Road overpass onto Interstate 81 in Cumberland County. A driver reported that the rock hit his truck.

Back to baseball. Dickinson physics professor David Jackson says professional players hit the ball at roughly 75 miles per hour. He says that is the same kind of impact a rock could have when it hits a driver.

Although no one in this particular case was hurt, police are warning the public about these antics.

“Worse-case scenario? Someone could get killed,” Trooper Robert Hicks said. “Some people think it’s just a harmless prank, but you have vehicles – especially on the highway – that you’re driving possibly 65 miles per hour. Small objects can go through that windshield pretty easily.”

Abc27 caught up with Michael Kasler, who drives through Pennsylvania to get to New York. He says his state has found a way to deal with this problem.

“People were throwing stuff off of bridges and smashing the windshield,” Kasler said. “People were getting killed, so that’s why they put a fence – a chain link fence – over the bridges where this had happened.”

The Wertzville Road overpass doesn’t have any barriers. Drivers say they worry that even if the rock doesn’t go through the windshield, it will still cause serious problems.

“You’re startled, you tend to turn the wheel the wrong way, and if there’s a car next to you then you’re going to run into them,” Kasler said. “It’s just nuts.”

“It’s stupid,” Kasler added. “It’s just stupid. That’s all I can say. It’s stupid. And they’re going to hurt somebody or kill somebody. And that’s just not the way to go.”

Police say the best thing drivers can do to prepare for these situations is to stay alert at all times while driving.

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