Local Islam leaders speak out against shooting

There’s an old Islam saying “Love for all, hatred for none.”

“Love for all, hatred for none — it speaks for itself,” said Ahmadeiyya Muslim Community spokesman Mubashir Mumtaz. “If you want to defend your religion, you write articles, you have a conversation.”

He says the true meaning behind Islam is not violence, it’s peace. 

“There is a peaceful nature of Islam and there is a positive message of Islam rather than fear mongering which only puts us back,” said Mumtaz. 

According to Mumtaz, Wednesday’s shooting inside Canada’s Parliament sets his people back and encourages more unwanted and untrue stereotypes. 

“We categorically reject and say that this act has nothing to do with Islam and it is without any justification we condemn this act. To say that it is Islamic terrorism is wrong. It’s not fair,” said Mumtaz. 

It’s believed the shooting suspect converted to Islam. Mumtaz says those extreme actions do not represent his religion. 

“It’s just like a person who does a robbery who happened to be Christian; that you say that’s because of there religion it’s really not fair,” said Mumtaz. 

Some have criticized the Islamic government officials for not speaking out against terror.

“Their governmental officials should have no problem coming out with the peaceful message of Islam and tell us that these terrible crimes of violence and killing people are absolutely wrong and these are the people in power. Why do they not want to come forward?” said Mumtaz. 

He believes it is because speaking out could put a target on their backs. 


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