Family of reported rape victim urges community to help make streets safer for school children

 It has been just over two weeks since a 14-year old Harrisburg girl reported that she was raped while walking to school.

While police continue to search for her attacker, the victim’s family continues to try to make the streets safer for children. 

The mother of the 14-year old assault victim spoke to members of the community and of the Greater Harrisburg NAACP Thursday night about how kids can be protected from something like that happening again. She talked about kids being forced to walk long distances to school.

“We need buses, not next year. We need buses now,” said the victim’s mother. “These sharks are out there and our babies. I’m sorry I call them little guppies in a fishbowl with these sharks, and we are asking them to protect themselves and they can’t do it.”

Stan Lawson of the NAACP said he will be talking with some groups to see what they can do, whether it be rides or people standing out on the sidewalks.

“She says there are three women who stand out on Market Street by themselves,” said Lawson. “She’s appealing to the men in the community. Would some of them come out.”

The cousin of the victim says she sees three and four-year-olds walking to and from school in packs. She is urging the community to get involved. She says it doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or not. 

“They can stand on the corner and watch,” she said. “Just be a watchful eye. Just keep an eye out and make sure these kids get to school safely.”

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