Visaggio’s rebuilt after fire

The owners of Visaggio’s Italian Restaurant say they plan to start taking reservations for November 10th and beyond, exactly one year since the Silver Spring Township staple was destroyed by a fire.

Rosemary Visaggio Lumadue likens the project to waking up from a bad dream.

“I’ve stopped crying myself to sleep at night and I’ve stopped crying myself awake in the morning,” she said.

The lack of tears is due to her finally feeling “home” again inside of the restaurant she has mourned for nearly a year.

From her pocket she shows several burnt dollar bills that were salvaged from the fire.

“My beloved parents, my beloved mother-in-law, all of my family signed these,” she said. “Those dollar bills are from the first night we were open: 8-8-1980.”

In April, C&Z Construction broke ground on a new chapter. Now, just weeks away from their grand reopening, ABC 27 got the first look inside of the building.

Upgrades and salvaged relics have been combined, as a new two-story wine tower shines as a definite standout. Private dining alcoves have also been redefined.

For Rosemary, the painful process has given her the chance to relive the dream she had over 30 years ago, before she bought the property.

“I would come up to the stop sign on Wertzville Road and look over and look down on this magnificent old barn and say ‘Wait for me. Wait for me. Because someday I’m going to turn you into such a lady.’ And we did,” she said.

Now this tight-knit family can say they’ve done just that – twice.

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