Program that helps families pay for pet food in need of help

Hundreds of Midstate families cannot afford to feed their pets. Now, a local program that has been helping feed those animals is in need of assistance themselves.

Three years ago, Bryan Langlois co-founded the Pet Pantry in Lancaster. He says when some pet owners are forced to make the financial choice between feeding themselves and feeding their pets, many forgo food themselves.

Others, who can no longer afford the cost of their pet’s food surrender them, or worse, put them out on the street.

“They come in tears because basically this is the only, last resort option they have and we are delighted that we are able to provide that service,” he said.

Right now the Pet Pantry serves about 250 qualified families.

But the Pet Pantry is running out of supplies.

The donations that are there are barely enough to cover a dozen dogs for the next month. The stockpile of cat food won’t stretch much further.

Langlois says the Pet Pantry is going through an extreme drought in donations and without help may not be able to provide for the pets who need it.

For a list of drop-off locations and other ways you can donate visit their website: You can also call(717)-983-8878. Litter is also needed.

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