Frost could be coming, watch your garden!

With the first frost of the year potentially on the way, should we be protecting our plants and shrubs? And how do we do it?

Our Garden Guru, Kathy Quarles, says if you put your plants outside for the summer, it’s time to bring them in. They can’t tolerate below about 45 degrees.

You also have to bring in your warm crop vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers which will not survive the first frost.

However, cold crop veggies are still good; things like cauliflower, cabbage and lettuce.

Kathy also says you can protect your plants if you want to prolong their life by covering them up with a sheet or newspaper.

“Frost usually lays on top of the plant and it actually burns the leaves because it is cold, and when it sits on the leaf it actually puts a mark on the leaf,” she said. “So, when you cover them you stop the frost from landing on top of the plants.”

Kathy also says you don’t have to worry about your asters and your mums and your knockout roses. They can handle this cold stuff.

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