Activists seek tips on Pa. computer abuse

Those racy emails on state computers have government watchdogs panting.

They announced an independent post office box for state workers to confidentially report the misuse of computers, and promise to follow up on the tips and expose wrongdoers.

And it’s not just about x-rated emails, but non-work related activity.

“I think it’s far more common that people download a game while they’re working. I think it’s far more common, really, that people shop while they work,” Eric Epstein of Rock the Capitol said. “I think we, in my mind, we don’t pay people in government to do personal business while at work.”

Anonymous tips can be reported to P.O. Box 60521 in Harrisburg. The ZIP code is 17106.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane said last week that hundreds of inter-office pornographic emails sent or received between 2008 and 2012 were discovered during its review of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse prosecution.

Kane’s office said the exchanges involved current and former employees of the attorney general’s office, including two current members of Governor Tom Corbett’s cabinet.

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