Sen. Casey pushes ‘pregnancy fairness’ Bill in York

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) joined York City Mayor Kim Bracey Thursday to push legislation that would provide “reasonable accommodation” for the nation’s expecting workers. 

“To do for pregnant workers what we did thankfully for workers that have a disability,” Casey said. 

He said the issue has been pushed back into the spotlight due to soon-to-be US Supreme Court case ‘Young V. UPS’. The suit involves an employee of the United Parcel Service who was denied lighter duty at the request of her doctor since being pregnant does not qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

“For a worker.. A pregnant worker to lose employment because of accommodation, reasonable accommodation is not being made for a short period of time that would definitely affect families right here in the York community,” said Bracey. 

The key word is “reasonable” according to Casey. His proposed Bill, the ‘Pregnant Workers Fairness Act’ provides safeguards to protect employers as well from unnecessary demands. 

“We all marvel at pregnancy and what that means to a family and what that means to society and we also say we value their work,” said Casey. 

Casey adds that these protections are short-term and at any given time applies only to about 1.5% of the nations work force. 

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