Protests continue over York City schools’ potential charter move

For the second week in a row, York City educators rallied in protest of a possible charter school take-over.

The option has been seen as a last resort for failing test scores and struggling finances that have plagued the district for nearly a decade.

According to School Board President Margie Orr, if an agreement between the district and teachers union does not take place, then a move to all charter may be inevitable. If so, York would be the first district in Pennsylvania without any traditional public schools.

The most recent rally drew almost three times as many protesters. This time they walked and chanted before a final presentation by the two charter schools vying to take over in York. Mosaica Education and Charter Schools USA spelled out what a typical school day under their leadership would look like and how similar plans have helped other failing districts around the country.

Earlier in the day Democratic candidate for Governor Tom Wolf spoke in favor of preserving York’s public school system.

“Now he has come out publicly and said that he is against the ‘charterization’ of the school district despite some of the relationships he has had in the past,” said York City teacher Clovis Gallon, “It’s a big deal.”

The school board predicts a decision to come before the end of November.

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