Man faces at least 25 years for Derry Township home invasion

A Lancaster man is facing at least 25 years in prison following his conviction in a Derry Township home invasion in which he strangled and severely beat another man and threatened to kill his young child.

David E. Brown, 36, was found guilty this week on charges of robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, theft and a firearms offense, according to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors said Brown was armed with a shotgun when he and another armed man entered a home in the Clifton Heights apartments on July 2, 2012.

The victim testified that he was getting his 4-year-old son ready for bed when then gunmen entered his home and a struggle ensued.

He said during the struggle, Brown threatened to kill his child who was crying and hiding under his sheets.

Brown eventually fled with a safe containing cash and narcotics.

In a news release, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Gettle said Brown is facing a 25-year mandatory sentence because of prior convictions for a 2009 home invasion burglary and a 1997 robbery in Lancaster County.

If the judge determines the 25-year sentence would not ensure the safety of the community, Gettle said Brown could be sentenced to life behind bars.

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