Allison Hill Community Ministry helping kids for 40 years

One of Harrisburg’s most important organizations that helps children could use a little extra help of its own financially.

Bill Jamison is director of the Allison Hill Community Ministry, which among other things provides an after-school program that was formed in 1975 by two local churches.

The kids who go there get a hot meal, help with homework, tutoring, and Wednesday a lecture about the human body.

“It gives us an opportunity to develop what we call academic discipline, which is something we’re very serious about in working with the kids,” Jamison said.

There are 32 kids who are in this program and another 20 on the waiting list.

“Kids first of all want to please adults,” Jamison said. “When adults are loving, the kids are right there with them. This is what we’re about, and there are a lot of kids out there who need that.”

But if the ministry is going to keep on going, it will need to find some more cash.

“Like last week I gave the staff their checks and I said don’t cash them until we can get a check in the bank,” Jamison said. “We depend on churches, and the money that’s in the collections in all of the churches is down. It’s way down.”

If you want to help you can simply make out a check to Allison Hill Community Ministry and send it to them at 1508 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA, 17114.

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