Twins share new bond, face tough challenge together

Identical twins Sanya and Tanya Wagner of Mechanicsburg have inspired the Midstate with their bond.

Sanya was on her way to work in March when she was in a horrible car accident on Route 15 near Range End Road in Dillsburg.

She suffered a broken pelvis and a traumatic brain injury. Doctors told her family she would probably remain in a coma. Eight days later, she woke up.

Tanya has been by her side through her recovery.

“It is like experiencing a loss because Sanya will never be Sanya again, so this is a new Sanya,” she said. “We have a new type of bond now. It is different. It is tough.”

Tanya and her family have been documenting Sanya’s progress. In several videos, Sanya talks about heaven and tells her sister “it was beautiful.”

After Sanya awakened, the twins also realized they shared a dream.

“I actually had a dream the day after her accident and I saw her in spirit and we connected. That is all I could remember, and something about flowers and grass,” Tanya said. “When she woke up, she told me she saw me in that dream, too. It was pretty amazing.”

The 29-year-old women have always been by each other’s sides; working, traveling and even giving birth to their sons four days apart.

“We have always had a special bond,” Tanya said. “It is nice that it can inspire people.”

Sanya is relearning how to eat and walk and still has a long road ahead of her, but her sister is hoping that someday they can visit one of their favorite places.

“I would love to take her to the beach,” Tanya said. “Even if I have to carry her, I will carry her down to the ocean.”

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