Are EZ-ID license plates coming to Pennsylvania?

Seventy percent of all crimes involve a motor vehicle – and remembering license plate numbers can be tricky for witnesses.

A Pennsylvania lawmaker has a solution.

They’re called EZ-ID license plates, and instead of numbers they incorporate symbols, like stars or hearts, and only four characters.

It’s easier for witnesses to spot and remember, and if they only have a partial description it’s quicker for law enforcement to narrow down suspects.

State Representative Mike Regan held a briefing on the plates at the Capitol on Thursday.

“If you’re in a shopping mall and you see somebody throw a kid into the trunk of a car and drive away, you’re under stress. Remembering those letter-number combinations is very difficult,” explained Regan. “This is designed to make it very easy to at least get a partial tag.”

The EZ-ID license plates were invented in Massachusetts a decade ago. They’re in the very early discussion stage here in Pennsylvania.

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