Exotic animal rescue wants to raise money for rebuild

The operators of an exotic pet rescue in Adams County are looking to rebuild after a fire in May.

Fire destroyed the East Coast Exotic Animals Rescue in Hamiltonban Township. All of the pets except for two house cats were saved.

Now the focus is on rebuilding, but the way to get there is a little fuzzy. Some money could help clear up that situation.

The cost to rebuild is about $200,000 and they are getting none of the insurance money.

“We don’t have money to rebuild,” rescue worker Melissa Bishop said. “We are really financially strapped and we want to keep a home for these guys. They deserve it.”

Bishops is hoping to get some donations from people who could also use some promotion.

“What we’re looking for is people that – somehow this will help them as well by promoting their business, by putting their name on a sign, anything in order to be able to help,” she said.

The folks from the rescue feel a debt to the residents: the four legged ones. They remain optimistic.

“It’s pretty much that type of deal to see how strong you are,” said George Scott Murray, the son of the owner. “It’s a good way to start fresh.”

“Our worst fear is not having a home for them when we promised them a home,” Bishop said. “They don’t ask to be here.”

If you want to help out you can go to the Facebook page for East Coast Exotic Animals Rescue. They have set up a Go Fund Me account.

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