Distraction-style burglary reported in South Londonderry

Cash and jewelry went missing from a Lebanon County home while the owner was distracted by a man who claimed to be working for a neighbor, police said.

South Londonderry Township police said the resident of the 200 block of Schoolhouse Road was showing the man the property line in his backyard Wednesday.

The man claimed he was installing a fence for a neighbor. He spoke to the home owner for about 10-15 minutes before leaving.

Later in the evening, the owner found someone had entered his home while he was distracted, police said.

He told police he spoke to a white man with dark brown hair who is in his 30’s and about 5’7” tall, and was wearing a dark blue work shirt and pants.

He said a white two-door pickup truck with a roof rack and an aluminum ladder on top was parked down the road from his house before the burglary.

Anyone with information is asked to call South Londonderry police at 717-838-1376.

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