Cumberland County applies for grants to develop land, preserve historical building

Cumberland County is looking at plans to preserve a historical building and develop surrounding land.

County commissioners say the house in East Pennsboro Township is the former home of Enola Miller, which is where the name of Enola, Pennsylvania came from.

It sits on 49 acres of land, which the county purchased a few years ago. When that happened, hundreds of neighbors signed a petition asking Cumberland County to preserve the house.

I grew up in Summerdale and it’s been here for years,” Jack Fry, Jr. said. He lives across the street from the house. “I remember it as a doctor’s house for the state animal laboratory that used to be over here so a lot of memories with the property.”

The county is considering using the home as a welcome center, while still preserving it.

” I think it’s a fantastic idea because it is the beginning of Cumberland County,” neighbor Jayne Farringer said. “And we’re close to 81, 11-15, and I think it would be utilized very well.”

The rest of the land would be developed for local businesses or potentially even housing. Some neighbors say they’re worried about the possible increase in traffic that would bring to their area, but developers say this could bring in more than 100 jobs to Cumberland County.

Neighbors will have the opportunity for public comment in the upcoming months.

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