Police investigating string of burglaries in Lancaster County

 Police in Lancaster County are investigating a string of similar burglaries in Columbia.

The first incidents occurred between July 24th and 25th. Police say residents of two homes on the 100 block of South Luther Lane reported their homes had been broken into and items were stolen.

Police say security lights in the back of the homes were disabled by having light bulbs unscrewed. the windows were not damaged, which police say indicate they were unlocked at the time.

Investigators say the greatest concern was the residents were sleeping in the homes when the burglaries occurred. In one house, the perpetrator entered through a window even though the TV was on and someone was in the room asleep.

Columbia Borough police are investigating two similar burglaries which occurred between August 21st and August 23rd. One at an apartment on the 1100 block of Ridge Avenue. Police say someone forced the window open and entered the apartment taking several small items from the rooms. No-one was home at the time.

The other one was a home on the 100 block of North 13th Street. Police say someone entered the home through an unlocked window taking cash and several items.

Police are warning residents to lock all windows and doors and check them frequently. In one incident related above, a locked inner door prevented the burglar from entering the house from the garage. 

Consider adding additional security to windows, especially those that are seldom used. A length of wood or similar device inside the window prevents it from being pried open without breaking. Ensure that outside lighting is working and install motion lights where possible. Anyone who sees suspicious activity should call police. 

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