Domesticated birds being released, dying in local park

 Animal officials in Lancaster County are trying to figure out who is releasing a large number of domesticated birds into a Manheim Township park.

Nearly 60 fancy pigeons have been found outside of Landis Woods in recent weeks. 40 birds have been rescued and 20 have died.

The death toll is not shocking. Fancy pigeons cannot survive in the wild, putting them there is a virtual death sentence, officials say.

“I believe it’s cruel from the standpoint that these animals will starve and die. They will suffer a death that’s not necessary,” Susan Martin, Executive Director of the Lancaster County SPCA said.

“We are finding them starving to death, being attacked by hawks.  One was actually attacked while one of our volunteers was there. They don’t know how to defend themselves at all, very sad, ”Lynne Rothweiler, President, Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescue said.

Feathered Sanctuary, located in Willow Street, rescued the 40 pigeons and almost all have been adopted.

Now word yet on why this is happening now.

There have been reports of other fancy pigeons found in Lancaster City. Officials anticipate the problem getting worse.

Whoever is responsible could face animal cruelty charges.

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