Thrifty Thursday: Canning basics

Summer time is wonderful for eating fresh since locally grown fruits and vegetables are abundant. Come wintertime, produce prices often rise putting a strain on some families’ budgets. There is a way to gather your fresh produce now and preserve it for the cold months.

Sarah Mock of appeared on Good Day PA to teach canning basics. Canning heats the food, kills microorganisms and creates a seal on a glass jar, Mock told viewers.

Here are some of Mock’s basics to get you started:

  • canning jars
  • a wide-mouth funnel
  • lid wand
  • ladle
  • large tongs or jar lifter
  • a clean cloth


  • sterilize the jars
  • cut produce and fill the jars
  • fill with boiling water, pickling liquid or juice
  • wipe jar rims, add a FRESH lid and a ring
  • process in a hot water bath for the recommended time
  • remove from the water bath
  • allow to cool completely
  • check for loose lids

NOTE: tomatoes need additional acid such as lemon juice added to them to get the PH above 4.6.

According to Mock, canning benefits include: less wasted food, no preservatives, customized flavors, money savings and delicious food.

(Please see video for additional explanation.)

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