SPCA: 52 cats rescued from York home

The York County SPCA says it rescued 52 cats from a York home that has been condemned for deplorable living conditions.

SPCA executive director Melissa Smith said the cats were removed from a house on the corner of South Penn and West Mason Avenue.

The cats were taken to the SPCA shelter and were quarantined for fleas, but have no life-threatening health problems.

Smith said none of the animals will be euthanized and should be available for adoption in a few months.

City officials said they condemned the home Wednesday because of unsanitary conditions.

Steven Buffington, deputy director of Permits, Planning and Zoning, said the house had a horrible smell and “animal feces throughout.”

Authorities did not immediately say how many cats were living in the house.

The home owner, Kim Brett, denied accusations that her house was unsanitary and that dozens of cats were living there.

“Dozens of cats is way off the mark. There was more than the legal limit, but there were not dozens,” she said Wednesday. “The only cat feces would be the ones that would not have been cleaned up yet.”

Brett said she was only trying to help strays. She said all the cats received proper care and were well fed.

She was not cited, but could be if her property is not cleaned up in the near future.

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