Pa. lawmakers aim to ban hunting with drones

Pennsylvania lawmakers are taking aim at using an extra “eye in the sky” to help or hinder the hunt.

Senate Bill 1332 was introduced in April. It would stop anyone who flies a drone from intentionally driving or disturbing wildlife while others are legally hunting.

There are exceptions for landowners, game, fish and wildlife service members, and the armed forces.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is in favor of this measure, and says ultimately, it would stop hunters from utilizing drones, and prohibit anyone who tries to harass hunters during the process.

“Since drones are kind of new, and we haven’t had any incidents here in Pennsylvania where we are aware of any hunting with drones or drones being used to harass hunters, it has still happened in other states,” Game Commission spokesperson Travis Lau said. “I think drones would be pretty much the opposite of what Pennsylvania hunters believe hunting is all about.”

Senate Bill 1332 passed earlier this summer, but there is no word when the House will take it up. The Senate also passed an identical bill that applies to fishing and boating.

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