Craft beer demand keeps Pa. farmers hopping

Appalachian Brewing company celebrated mixing their first batch of craft brew at their new Mechanicsburg location Thursday.

What makes that so special is the hops they used were grown right here in Pennsylvania and picked this morning from Greenaway Farms in Lycoming County.

“We’re a local company which has grown tremendously thanks to the support of our community,” ABC brewmaster Artie Tafoya said in a news release.

“We’re proud to support the growing community of local farmers who are producing more quality hops, which is one of the key ingredients to brewing a great beer,” he said.

To learn more ABC 27 got an invite to the closest hops farmer in Berks County. Penn State Hops Farm in Leesport is in their second year of operation.

Steve Meckley, a hops grower, told us the growing popularity of craft brews has made demand so high for hops that they can hardly keep up.

“People ask, ‘How big do you want this to go?’ and it’s not my business to say, but as far as I know it’s more of a local thing, staying in the community and culture that’s around us, and it’s booming. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere,” Meckley said.

Appalachian Brewing Company’s Wet Hops Pale Ale will be available in the coming weeks.

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