Superheroes do windows at Penn State Children’s Hospital

Window cleaning usually isn’t all that entertaining – that is, until Tuesday morning when a high-rise adventure brought smiles to young faces at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

While patients are taken care of inside, the building is under care outside. It’s window washing day. But wait, why are there children watching from below with IVs in tow?

“It was a surprise. I had no idea this was going to happen at all,” said patient Thomas Judkins.

The surprise: window washers who in a flash turn into superheros!

“We had Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Captain America.” said Jodi Judkins.

“We have our Superhero Window Washers here today to bring a little excitement to our patients and families,” said Ashley Kane, manager of the hospital’s Child Life Program.

The heroes brought a lot of excitement for children who battle illnesses, like Thomas Judkins.

“Thomas is here because he has Chron’s disease,” his mother, Jodi Judkins said. “He has infusions in the Children’s Cancer Center every eight weeks. He has chemo to keep the disease at bay,”

“The kids are just in awe. First of all, watching window washers is just amazing, but to have a superhero come down and wash your windows, it’s just really cool for the kids they get really excited. The families just love to see their child smile when they are here in the hospital,” Kane said.

“This is an amazing event for the kids, especially for Thomas,” his mother said. “All of these children suffer a lot and they are very brave. In fact, I think the children are the bravest.”

Not only did Northeastern Window Washers employees volunteer to dress up, they purchased their own costumes.

This was the second year for the popular superhero window washing show.

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