Holes could sink Palmyra funds

Palmyra officials are exploring ways to deal with the sinkhole problems that continue to grow in the borough.

The borough has estimated it could cost up to $1 million to fix the problem. Borough manager Roger Powel says this is a critical step that needs to be taken, and a big part of the projected expense will go towards grout, which will be injected into the soil under the road.

For some who live in the area, they can’t wait for work to begin.

Olivia van Vleet has lived near the sinkhole located at Grant and Cherry streets since it opened up. She says it has not caused her any sleepless nights, but there have been some anxious moments at her home.

“The foundation has been a little shaky around the house,” van Vleet said. “That has been a concern.”

Borough officials are looking at loan options to help fund the project. Roger Powel says they are just in the information gathering phase, but at some point, they will have to get something done, to help solve the problem.

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