Feds indict Dover teacher on child pornography charges

A federal grand jury in Harrisburg has indicted a former Dover Intermediate School music teacher and band director on charges he possessed, received and produced child pornography.

Matthew B. Puterbaugh, 47, of Dover Township, faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted of producing child pornography and a mandatory minimum of five years on the receipt charge, according to U.S. Attorney Peter Smith.

Smith said the statutory maximum is 70 years imprisonment.

Puterbaugh was arrested in February after police searched his home and found 661 images of children engaged in sexual acts on a home computer, apparently all downloaded from the Internet.

Additional charges came in May, when police accused Puterbaugh of making secret videos of students’ underwear and touching children inappropriately.

The investigation began when a 12-year-old girl told school officials that Puterbaugh caressed and squeezed her thigh during a music class.

Police said they seized his cell phone and found numerous videos where bras and underwear had been photographed without the knowledge of the students.

Investigators then seized his home computer and found the pornography and additional videos of students, police said.

As the investigation continued, police said they identified 30 potential victims who were either touched in some way by Puterbaugh or were the subject of one of his videos.

Puterbaugh was additionally charged for having a sexual relationship with a student.

The girl, who is now an adult, told authorities that Puterbaugh had sex with her at least 80 times during a three-year relationship that began when she was 12 years old.

Puterbaugh initially was suspended by the school district, but he has since been fired.

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