‘Abundance’ of cats taken from York home

York animal enforcement agents were dressed from head-to-toe in white protective gear as they entered a yellow brick home on the corner of South Penn and West Mason Avenue.

“There are animal feces throughout,” planning and zoning chief deputy Steven Buffington said.

Pictures were taken to document the poor living conditions and the York County SPCA arrived to haul the cats off to their facility.

“There are deplorable living conditions on the interior of the house,” Buffington said. “It’s unsanitary, so we are going to deem it unfit for human occupancy.”

Those standing around watching the cats being plucked from the home complained about a pungent smell.

“It’s a horrible smell, obvious smell of cat feces, a litter box smell,” Buffington said.

“It’s horrible. To walk by you just want to vomit on the spot,” neighbor Christa Germinario said.

The house belongs to Kim Brett.

“I am in there like this every day and there is nothing wrong with me,” Brett said.

She said the accusations against her are not true.

“Dozens of cats is way off the mark. There was more than the legal limit, but there were not dozens,” she said. “The only cat feces would be the ones that would not have been cleaned up yet.”

Brett added that all of her cats are strays and are well cared for.

“They were well fed, well taken care of, given care when needed, not dirty, they clean plates when they eat and I don’t feel like I was doing anything wrong,” she said. “I was just trying to help stray cats.”

Brett was not cited, but could be if the property is not cleaned up in the near future.

Officials did not say just how many cats were in the home. One agent said there was an “abundance” of cats.

York allows up to six animals. Any more is considered illegal.

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