Sheetz: Frustrated by stopped beer sales in Shippensburg

A Sheetz spokesman says the company is incredibly disappointed by a court appeal this week that forced it to immediately stop selling beer at its new store in Shippensburg.

In a statement released Friday, brand development director Ryan Sheetz said the company is frustrated by the delay and hindrance in meeting its customers’ needs.

“The fact that we can complete all of the due diligence and be granted a legitimate license, only to have somebody interject and challenge the ruling, is indicative of a broken system that needs greater reform at the state level,” Sheetz said in the statement.

The store at 359 East King Street became the area’s first convenience store to sell six-packs July 25, but the Civic Club of Shippensburg appealed the decision of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

A petition filed on behalf of the civic club in Cumberland County court Monday says the state’s liquor law does not allow businesses to sell gasoline and alcohol from the same location.

The Shippensburg store has indoor seating for about 40 people and offers more than 90 different kinds of beer. Customers were able to carry out up to two six-packs.

Sheetz said the company is optimistic the appeal will be resolved quickly.

“We are in this for the long haul and will not give up on delivering change for our customers,” he said.

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