Police: Toddler played in park while mom was passed out

A Lancaster County woman was charged with endangering the welfare of her 18-month-old son after police say she left the boy unattended in a park while she was passed out.

Crystal B. Wiesman, 38, of Mount Joy, took the boy to Little Chiques Park last month and then consumed an unknown amount of alcohol and/or drugs, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday by borough police.

Wiesman was found unconscious on the ground in front of her SUV with the engine running and doors open, police said in the complaint.

A police officer smelled an alcoholic beverage on her breath, her eyes were red and watery, and she appeared very confused and disoriented, police said.

Her son was outside of the car and running around the park unsupervised, the complaint states.

Wiesman was additionally charged with public drunkenness and driving with a license that expired in September 2003.

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