Cumberland County tests online support payments

Cumberland County is testing a system that would allow people to make child support payments online and through a mobile app.

The Domestic Relations Office received approval Thursday from county commissioners to get the program ready for its September debut.

In six months, the office will report to the commissioners with results. If all goes well, the county will consider using the system for all payments, including court fees.

“It doesn’t cost the county a dime in implementation of this project,” said Charles Carothers IV of the Domestic Relations Office. “We can redirect some of our staff’s efforts to other things that are needed within the office as opposed to sitting around and counting money all the time.”

Currently, people can only pay by going to the office and handing over cash. The Domestic Relations Office says it’s a cumbersome process that doesn’t always encourage people to make their payments.

The goal of the new program is to make that process easier and bring more payments in.

“[Families] don’t have as much money, perhaps, available to them to pay off the costs in raising children,” Carothers said. “We’re hoping the convenience of this could expedite those types of payments to avoid people going behind.”

Going forward, people will have four payment options: paying with cash in-person, paying with a credit card in-person, paying with a credit card online, and paying with a credit card through a mobile app.

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