Sneak Peak: ABC27 gets first look at new Ortenzio Cancer Center

ABC27 got a first look inside a new cancer center in Cumberland Valley.

Ortenzio Cancer Center at PinnacleHealth will open its doors to patients August 18. The building is on the Technology Parkway campus in Hampden Township.

Staff members say the one-stop nature of the building sets it apart from other cancer centers in the area. When putting the plans together, the strategy involved complementing the center on the East Shore.

“People who aren’t feeling well during their treatment or they want to have their loved ones close to them, they want to be close to home,” Betsy Kopp with PinnacleHealth said. “We know that we had a very good response with West Shore patients coming to the East Shore, but they really wanted to be closer to where they lived, their family, their support systems.”

Kopp told ABC27 that the technology in the Ortenzio Cancer Center is the only equipment of its kind in Cumberland Valley. The goal is for patients to be able to go through treatment more quickly while still receiving quality care.

“You want to make sure you take care of somebody the way you want to be taken care of,” Kopp said. “And so, if you want to be taken care of and have high technology, good care providers, quality care in an environment where you feel cared for, I want to give that to somebody else.”

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