Lancaster dog lovers protest lethal force by police

Dog lovers in Lancaster are blasting police for using lethal force on a loose pit bull.

Police say the dog was left unattended on King Street Wednesday and and did not respond to other means of restraint.

At one point, police say a bystander stood between an officer and the dog.

In a statement, Lancaster police said the officer handcuffed the person in order to keep him from interfering with the officer’s efforts and for his own safety.

The person was later released without charges.

At one point, the dog bit a bag an individual was carrying.

On Thursday, a simple Facebook post attracted dozens to the park next to the police station to protest the action.

“I was raised with pit bulls my whole life and these people are out here for a good cause, and I wanted to bring out pizzas on the house,” said Michael Ortiz, an employee of House of Pizza.

Ortiz funded the pizza out of his own pocket. A nearby pup was enjoying a slice, while his owner explained a sign that was attached to his leash.

“What I don’t want is to fear that if he gets off his leash he will be shot by police,” she said.

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