Midstaters report coupon thefts from newspapers

Have you ever bought a newspaper for the coupons only to find there are not any?  It has happened to a lot of Midstaters and many are speaking out about it.  

Patriot News officials said there are eight times a year when there are no coupons in the newspaper.  But the rest of the year, if there are not any coupons in your paper, chances are someone took them out.

In recent months, David Snow of Camp Hill has opened the newspaper to some bad news.

“Get em home here and you open them up and there’s no coupons.  All the ads, all the junk that you really don’t want is in there, but the coupons are always gone,” said Snow.

It has turned something as simple as picking up a newspaper into a chore.

“I will start checking to see if there’s coupons and if not, if I buy it without checking it, I will call the Patriot News or whoever I can get in contact with,” said April Enders of Camp Hill.

“It’s not too often I buy them anymore because it seems like a waste of money,” Snow said.

If you are caught stealing coupons, you could end up wasting even more money.  Police said stealing coupons is considered retail theft, and you could face a $300 fine.

“Buy as many newspapers as you want for $2.  If you’re gonna save that much on coupons if you’re willing to steal them you gotta be making up more than $2 in your savings,” said Snow.

Missing out on those savings is why so many Midstaters are frustrated.

“Whenever you live on a budget with kids you depend on those coupons to help save every dollar that you can because of the way expenses are nowadays, everything keeps going up and up and up and every dollar that they offer to help you is definitely going to help you,” said Snow.

Patriot news officials said 99.9% percent of the time, people get their coupons.  If you do not, give the Patriot News a call at (717) 255-8150.

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