Perry County mother waited 3 weeks for daughter’s remains

Dolores Ranzie waited three weeks for her daughter’s remains to be returned to Pennsylvania.

Ranzie’s daughter, Nicole Zito, was murdered July 12 in her San Antonio, Texas apartment. Her live-in boyfriend, Shanell Williams, is charged with her murder.

Ranzie says she was devastated, when she got the news from Williams’s mother. She says Williams told investigators that Nicole was his wife, which gave him final say on what would happen with Nicole’s remains.

Ranzie says there was no documentation that they were married. Williams eventually signed away his rights and Ranzie went ahead with cremation.

Dolores says she knew her daughter was in an abusive relationship and last April she almost talked Nicole into moving back to Pennsylvania.

“Tomorrow never came, and I didn’t hear from her for two weeks,” Ranzie said. “She would not answer her cell phone, and I knew she decided to stay with him.”

Dolores, who was a victim of domestic violence, says she knows there are a lot of factors that prevent victims from leaving an abusive relationship. She encourages all victims to go to friends and family they can trust to seek help.

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