Grocery stores donate to vandalized soup kitchen but more help needed

The community is stepping in to help a Harrisburg soup kitchen that was trashed by vandals.

Police said on Tuesday, someone unloaded two fire extinguishers inside the Saint Francis soup kitchen on Zarker Street.  It was force to turn away about 200 hungry people.

Wednesday, grocery stores dropped off boxes of bread and other food. The soup kitchen set the boxes outside and let people take what they needed.

The woman who runs the soup kitchen said everything needs to be replaced, including the pots and pans.

“The pot is old to begin with and now sitting like that, with that stuff contaminating it…I could use a new pot that’s for sure,” said Johatha Palmer. “But anything at all that people are willing to donate to us, we will accept.”

The soup kitchen plans to reopen on Monday. If you would like to help with donations, you can call 717-236-4506.

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