Woman finds pieces of home nearly a mile from explosion

A suspected propane gas explosion that leveled a York County home early Thursday blasted bits of property and other debris nearly a mile away.

Amy Mozuch lives three-fourths of a mile from the 100 block of Calvary Church Road in Lower Windsor Township, but was awakened by what she thought was thunder – followed by what sounded like hail.

“I came out to do my barn chores and discovered it wasn’t hail, it was insulation,” Mozuch said.

“As I looked out over the pasture more, there were papers just everywhere,” she said. “Some of them were credit reports. I had health papers, I had some journal entries.”

Mozuch’s entire property has pieces of insulation that fell like snow, except snow wouldn’t kill a horse and she has several. Her animals must remain in their barn until the mess is cleaned up.

And while the debris covers almost every inch of her property, her neighbors were not affected.

The cause of the explosion was still unknown Friday, but township police Chief Tim Caldwell said investigators still believe a propane gas leak triggered the blast that blew pieces the home at least 100 yards in every direction shortly before 5 a.m.

Dr. Jonathan Gish, his wife Karen and three children lived in the home overlooking the Susquehanna River, but were away on fishing and camping trips. They are staying with relatives.

Damage is estimated at $750,000.

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