Waynesboro surgical practice notifies patients of possible contamination

Summit Physician Services says some vials of local anesthetic may have been contaminated, and it has contacted 326 patients from Summit Surgical Group-Waynesboro to offer free blood tests.

Dr. Frank Mozdy, vice president and chief medical officer for Summit Physician Services, said the possibility of infection is remote, but the surgical group is not taking any chances with patient safety.

He said during a recent self-inspection, the practice found the plastic portion of the syringe, which holds the numbing medicine, was not being thrown away properly.

The medication was used to numb the skin for minor procedures like the removal of moles and skin tags.

The practice has been working closely with the Department of Health to evaluate the situation and to notify patients.

Mozdy said the practice has since made updates to its policies, staff training, and procedures for storing supplies.

A hotline has been established for patients who have questions. The number is 1-844-884-3692.

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