Man headed to trial in 3rd murder plot

A York County man is headed to trial for the third murder-for-hire case against him since April.

Gregory Allen Hess, 47, of Seven Valleys, was held for court on all charges during a preliminary hearing Friday.

Hess initially was arrested April 18 after police say he offered someone $30,000 to kill a man he believed was having a relationship with his estranged wife.

The man hired for the hit went to police, and investigators said they set up a ruse with the would-be target to convince Hess the murder had been carried out, including photographs of the intended victim bound in the trunk of a car.

In June, prosecutors in court documents said Hess, while free on $10 million bail, tried to arrange the murder of the confidential informant in the first case.

A fellow inmate told police that Hess offered him $15,000 to kill the first informant.

Hess was charged again last week after authorities said he paid a York man to kill the second informant.

Police also filed charges against the third man allegedly recruited by Hess, 29-year-old Deonsae Keawon Bryant, and Hess’s 19-year-old son, Toby.

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