Mecum calls first day of auction a success

That unmistakable million-miles-an-hour lip service from an auctioneer blasted through the Farm Show Complex all day Thursday.

One by one, cars glossed with memories lured bidders to splurge on their dreams.

In a manner of minutes, more then $20,000 were dropped on a new ride.

Dan Lehman is a local guy who decided to check out the show.

“A lot of nice cars. A lot of people,” he said.

Packed fuller than a 60’s VW van, the Farm Show attracted a crowd that impressed Mecum organizer Sam Murtaugh.

“There was, I don’t know, hundreds of people outside waiting to get in the door, just a mob to get in here first thing” he said. “It’s been nonstop all day by people getting in the doors.”

Whether it’s ogling high-priced machines in person or if you are lucky enough to buy one, the consensus: there’s something nostalgic about chrome, leather and shiny paint.

For Gerri Narzinsky, the past few years have been a rough one. The former New Jersey shore native was turned upside down with Hurricane Sandy. Although that rebuilding process continues, she was able to escape that heartache and headaches by soothing her soul.

“Everybody just wants to relax and look at nice things and remember the good,” she said.

The Indianapolis-based Mecum has been taking their national show on the road for years, but organizers said they never stopped in Yankee territory. Only after a couple hours, they were convinced that Harrisburg is a doodle dandy.

“The northeast felt really something special,” Murtaugh said. “We had a lot of people begging us to come to the area.”

Mecum will have three more days of auction. Saturday will be the crème de le crème with high reserves and six, maybe seven-figure bids. Sunday will wrap up with the sale of more than 200 motorcycles in an auction that will be streamed online.

There are undoubtedly millions of dollars worth of automobiles housed in the Farm Show Complex, but there is an equal amount of memories offered by the cars.

Although Narzinsky said she would love to purchase her dream car, it will have to wait.

“Maybe next year when we come back,” she said.

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