Funds from Glow Run, city help light up Harrisburg

Hundreds of feet pounding the pavement turned into thousands of dollars for the city of Harrisburg. The first annual Glow Run raised $22,000.00 to help light up Harrisburg and the city is matching the donation.

“The Glow Run just happened and we are putting these lights up next week. Your dollars are going into action right away,” said Eric Papenfuse, Harrisburg Mayor.

Starting next week crews will replace 15 light poles along Front Street. The 29 foot poles cost $2,000 each.

“Fixing Front Street, I think, will send the message that Harrisburg is really lighting up and brightening up. It is making a difference and a big change,” said Papenfuse.

In May, the mayor announced an initiative to fix light poles throughout the city and convert them to LED lights. Nineteen poles have been replaced so far at different spots throughout the city.

John Kern has lived in the city of Harrisburg for more than 30 years. One of the new LED lights was put in near his home on Penn and Herr Streets.

“We missed it when it fell down. The neighborhood was really dark. It just did not look nice. When they put it back up I saw the new LED, that was a big improvement and I like the LED efficiency,” said Kern.

The city is accepting bids right now to convert the 6,000 light poles in the city to LED lights. Bids can be submitted online and must be in by August 15th.

“It is the one improvement we can make that will immediately save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars a year,” said Papenfuse.

The city still needs to replace 65 missing poles. The Mayor hopes to make the Glow Run an annual fundraiser for the Light Up Harrisburg Initiative.

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