Fort Indiantown Gap needs more land for training and safety

Fort Indiantown Gap has more than 20 small arms firing ranges.

There is a plan in place to start using a new kind of bullet that is environmentally friendly but it ricochets further than the rounds currently in use.

Members of all branches of the military train at Fort Indiantown Gap, firing more than 3 million rounds on the ranges yearly. Because of this, the Gap needs more land to provide a larger safety net.

Officials are looking to acquire land on the other side of the mountain where there are 16 property owners and 17 pieces of land. So far, Gap officials have made contact with 10 owners, to get permission to assess their property values.

They plan on approaching the other owners, in the next two weeks.

The land acquisition process could take a year or longer and no one will be displaced from their homes.

Officials say a good portion of the 200 acres needed, is on unused property and if a property owner refuses to sell, the land could be acquired through eminent domain.

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