Who is responsible for the Camp Hill alleys?

There is a debate brewing in Camp Hill over the borough’s alleys and who is responsible for maintaining them and the storm drains beneath them.

The alley between State and Columbia Streets in Camp Hill has been closed for several weeks after a sink hole developed near a storm drain.

Laura Cross lives in a rental property nearby and used to park her car in the alley.

“We do not park back there anymore because we are afraid that at some point it is going to collapse. When it rains this area floods and it goes into our yard. We can get a couple feet of water. It can actually come into our basement. It comes rushing in. I am told it is the borough that is supposed to be fixing it, but they have not really responded to any requests to get it fixed,” said Cross

Brian Prosser lives on South 18th Street in the borough and is concerned about the alley behind his home. Prosser says trash and recycling trucks are causing damage and he is also concerned the storm drain in the alley will eventually collapse.

“When the storm drain in my alley collapses there is nowhere for the water from the main to go, which will fill up residents basements and cause other problems,” said Prosser.

Prosser says he reached out the Camp Hill Borough for some answers, “We don’t deal with alleys, that is their general response. They are not our problem. According to the borough the alleys belong to the residents, but they are not on our deed.”

Prosser points out the borough does maintain the alley behind the Camp Hill Borough hall. He says it is not only paved but plowed in the winter.

“We do not know what to do. The borough is trying to say that it is our responsibility but we did not put the storm sewers in,” said Prosser.

Neighbors who live along the alley between Columbia and State Streets are hoping someone will take responsibility.

“While it is up in the air and people are fighting over it nothing is getting done and no one is benefiting. Eventually someone is going to get hurt because that can collapse and with houses so close someone could get injured,” said Cross.

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