What’s that smell? “Mechanicsburg mystery”

People are calling it the “Mechanicsburg mystery.”  a weird smell at the public pool is making waves in the community.

Every day, Midstaters relax and play at the Mechanicsburg pool.  Some people say their visit stinks, literally.

“The smell, and I have smelled it myself personally, can get a little bit think,” said Patrick Dennis, Borough Manager.  “It’s described different ways by different people but the most common one is diesel smell or a burnt diesel smell,” he said.

Borough officials have been investigating the foul odor to find out where it is coming from.

“Anybody that’s familiar with memorial park knows memorial park is surrounded by industrial parks.  So we have our suspects,” said Dennis.

“There’s a lot of truck terminals over there and the train goes by here all the time but I’ve never smelled anything,” said Shirley Livingston, a regular at the pool.

In fact, no one abc27 News talked to smelled anything odd.  At least not diesel.

“We always smell the Purina (plant), the cat food and dog food.  That’s what we smell.  I’ve never smelled any Diesel,” said Kelly Krouch, a regular at the pool.

Borough officials are taking the matter seriously.  The are monitoring the water to make sure everything is going swimmingly.

“All their chlorine testing, all of our testing for the waters is fine and come back positive.  We have no issues there.  Everything is hunky dory as it pertains to the pool operations.  We just seem to be having one issue.  This smell coming from an external source that we’re not sure what it is,” Dennis said.

Some people have reported feeling sick from the smell, but borough officials don’t think anyone is in danger.

“The pool is 100% safe.  Come out and please enjoy it,” said Dennis.

Still, people are not letting that smell get in the way of their summer fun.  Officials said attendance has not dropped off at all.

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