Placards hang beneath portraits of P-A lawmakers convicted of crimes

Leaders of the state House and Senate have their portraits hanging on the walls adjoining the rotunda.

Some of those former lawmakers have been convicted of crimes, such as former Senate Pro *tem* Robert Mellow, and former House Speakers John Perzel and Bill DeWeese.

And now, small plaques detailing their wrongdoing sit underneath their pictures.  But there are those inside and outside of the Capitol who feel those pictures should be taken down.

“The legislature is sitting on a $153-million surplus,” said political activist Eric Epstein. “And they’ve got nothing better to do than underwrite a rogues gallery?”

“I think a better idea would be to take the portraits down and to put their mug shots up,” he said. “That way every day people who go through the Capitol would get a crystal clear idea of the repercussions of what happens when you get caught stealing tax payer dollars.”

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